We’re a collective of individuals connecting as one.

Our integrated, internal relationships guide and inspire each of us, encouraging a common bond to drive our collective performance to new heights, and to be internationally recognised as the best. We work hard to understand our partners’ business - from how it operates to what is needed for improvement. And then, after selecting the most suitable candidates for each brand, something extraordinary happens – a relationship and seamless bond forms between our partners and our teams. This new relationship evolves and we become one team – working together to achieve the same result. And our open door policy encourages our partners to visit and collaborate with us. This collaborative process is not only mutually beneficial, but fosters a rapport and understanding between our partners and our people that positively impacts our bottom lines.

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Reaching out. And being social.

As one of Durban’s largest employers, we have a huge responsibility to our employees, our employees’ families and the broader local community. And because we understand the importance of giving back, we commit a percentage of our profits each year to local causes. So we empower many of our people to become engaged in community welfare programmes - from supporting field days for under-privileged kids through to helping to renovate old people’s homes. We collaborate with our partners – like Careerbox – to provide opportunities for young, disadvantaged South Africans. And our in-house Wellness Centre, complete with lifestyle, medical and nutritional facilities is further testament to the understanding we have for investing in the same communities that many of our valuable people come from. It feels good to give back.

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Employee Engagement.

It’s because we feel so strongly about helping the community we live in that we have created an Employee Engagement team whose sole purpose is to consult with local communities and derive initiatives that enhance and enrich these communities throughout Durban, KwaZulu Natal. We have already played a significant role in the transformation of previously disadvantaged local communities, which have high levels of unemployment such as KwaMashu, Pheonix, Isipingo and Inanda . In addition to creating the hundreds of jobs we have, we also assist these communities to break out of the poverty stricken environments that they have endured, by undertaking numerous charity drives which assist with day-to-day necessities.


- Anais Nin
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- Anais Nin

You’re in the right place to go places.

Being employed at CCI South Africa gives you the opportunities and experience needed to create a career in the contact centre industry – anywhere in the world. Here you will learn the right skills, train to work successfully with our partners, and build a career you can be proud of. We encourage our people to strive to be the best they can be and to seek opportunities throughout our business. Our business partners acknowledge and reward our people for their hard work and effort in a variety of ways, like team member exchanges (in order to experience the company’s culture and to cross fertilise your knowledge and expertise with the partner’s in-house operation). We’re innovative and collaborative. As we grow, we like to see our people flourishing, energised through new skills development, gaining confidence with each new challenge, and motivated by opportunities to progress. Initiatives like the Digital Academy, which we believe will be the launching pad for future leaders of the digital world, are coming online for those who know they are special and want to prove it. With hard work and passion the future is yours.

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The Learning & Development team designs and delivers high-end interventions to harness the talent of our people and unleash their potential. Our strong focus on talent management is seen through our five flagship programmes covering positions from an Agent to a Leader. Each is custom-built with the DNA of a comprehensive talent map and covers a continuous development journey, providing planned career progression at all levels in the organisation.

Concoct your career with us.
And gain new skills.

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When only the best will do.

To work at CCI South Africa you really do have to be the best. We partner with Careerbox who have a special training facility aimed at providing skills and training to disadvantaged and unemployed youth. Careerbox looks to assist and provide candidates with work - readiness Youth Development Training. Careerbox is a training organisation that gives potential candidates two weeks of free training in business basics, understanding contact centres, international best practice sales and customer service, voice and dialect, CV and interview skills. Potential candidates need to pass each stage of the process in order to move to the next, ensuring a robust recruitment path. At Careerbox they understand that it’s not only about the education process, sometimes just giving an individual the belief that they can be as brilliant as they want, can open the door to their success. Careerbox is about putting skills back into the community as well as growing the pool of competent employable candidates in Durban. Careerbox then assists individuals to gain employment and works with other contact centres to place individuals. These include domestic community project centres, which give individuals work experience. Careerbox aids us in finding and training highly skilled, experienced managers who know and appreciate we only take the best.

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At CCI South Africa we recruit against agreed criteria to ensure the right fit to each campaign. We also undertake telephone voice testing to ensure clarity of speech. During training we include cultural alignment and awareness training to ensure our teams are fully versed in a specified country’s culture. The soft skills workshops include listening and voice tests to ensure clarity, pace, pitch, tone, enunciation and pronunciation to ensure effective understanding. Specialised recruitment is also done for more experienced agents. Known as Street to Seat, it’s for candidates who show natural competency and don’t need the training course. We conduct thorough recruitment assessments and engage with the campaign managers in the selection process.

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Digital Jobs South Africa.

The Rockefeller Foundation has been at the leading edge of advancing Impact Sourcing, a practice through which companies, both African-based and multi-national, intentionally employ people who have limited opportunities for sustainable employment, often in low-income areas. Studies show that incomes for young people in Africa hired through impact sourcing can increase by 40 to 200%. At the same time, companies that utilise impact sourcing can spend 40 percent less than others, because of lower training costs and lower attrition.

Impact Sourcing.

Recognising the need to address the extreme unemployment in South Africa, CCI South Africa took the initiative to create Careerbox. We did this to offer skills development opportunities in order to deliver high performing employees into digital and globalised roles in South Africa. Through the Department of Trade & Industry Incentive and The Rockefeller Centre Digital Jobs Africa Grant, both companies are addressing the high level of unemployment amongst South Africa’s youth by connecting through an employment cycle – recruit, train, and employ. Impact Sourcing focuses hiring opportunities on qualified workers who would be considered disadvantaged in their local context – economically, socially, physically, or otherwise. Impact Sourcing has led to several benefits for CCI South Africa such as lower attrition, motivated workforce, reduced migration and local social economic development. CCI South Africa is writing a new story for highly intelligent underprivileged people who just need to be given an opportunity.

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Students become the master.
And a natural ability to sell is just part of
who we are.

Through the correct training our people develop their skills and further their knowledge of how better to service customers. We have first-class training facilities. Our Training Academy teaches us how to best use our products and methodologies, and has a full suite of training methods to suit every level and need. In live virtual classes we can experience real time training with expert tutors. We take ownership and conduct ourselves in a way that’s always confident and positive. We’re shown how to be better strategically in our approach and to always seek ways of planning effectively and delivering more quickly while continuously learning how to become the best possible agent we can be. When learning the culture and essence of a new brand we’re fully submerged in its world. We begin by learning all we can about our customers; from what country they are from, to the food they eat – even the words of their national anthem. It’s with this precise set of tools that we are able to represent our partners in an exemplary manner, as they expect.

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Launch Pad.

At the completion of training, our graduating agents launch their contact centre careers in a small family like group within a special environment we call our Launch Pad. Within this area we employ a 5:1 ratio of Agents to Team Managers where individuals work their way up a specified glide path to success – with lots of support, coaching and continual learning. The Launch Pad is an area segregated by glass walls within the main contact centre floor. This allows our new agents to see the floor in action and build their excitement whilst interacting with customers in an encouraging but monitored environment.


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Learning together. Working together.

We are committed to continuous education and career development. Having the opportunity to improve our skills builds our confidence and makes us more valuable to our partners and their customers. To enhance this learning process, we developed a Centre of Excellence, designed to develop our inherent talent across the business. Through the centre a ‘winning’ and highly effective culture is cultivated to develop us into the dynamic, fast-performing teams we are. It’s this unparalleled service dedication and sales focus that has become our strategic advantage – giving us the edge over our competitors.

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Our Learning & Development team works within our Centre of Excellence providing innovative training programmes that includes technical, functional, and behavioural competencies, which are aligned to our partner’s requirements. Our support of the training-to-operations transition drives performance and results from campaign launch. We’re rigorously taught to harness our talent and realise our inherent potential. It’s because of these programmes, and a strong focus on talent management that we are known for successfully grooming our people from agents right through to developing leaders.

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Our approach is both experiential and innovative. The Centre of Excellence techniques include case study, accelerated learning, hands-on activities, role-plays, and simulations. Our trainers are certified and Subject Matter Experts in their field, with great passion and tenured contact centre experience. In addition, we carefully measure the impact of each training programme, providing a real-time feedback loop for continuous improvement and customised content. Learning & Development is designed to hone our skills in all areas, from planning more efficiently and relevantly to delivering faster through an accelerated learning methodology. It also teaches us the value of collaborating and communicating with greater clarity.

Learning & Development For Partners.


CCI South Africa