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We come highly competitive, highly organised and highly praised. Our performance culture, combined with the most unique group of warm and passionate people, has helped us help our partners to a better bottom line. As South Africa’s leading international contact centre - servicing our partner’s customers both locally and globally - our capabilities and burning desire to go that bit further is becoming folklore in our industry. We believe in our people, our capabilities, our culture and our results. But don’t take our word for it – ask your current provider.

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- John F. Kennedy


Process makes perfect.
Finding the best way forward.

Everything we do has a strong people focus, as we believe it’s our people who are our greatest asset. We’re a synchronised team - people, technology, strategies and processes all working together towards a common outcome. We pride ourselves on ensuring our partners’ projects are implemented successfully and that the results exceed all expectations. But please don’t think this is easy! We have invested heavily to attract and secure the best executive team in the business. These specialists manage all aspects of implementation, from work-streams to implementation, from testing to going live. In our business, experienced individuals within each team are supported by team managers, an operations manager and a director with vast levels of experience. And it shows!

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We have a robust and proven process for new business and growth implementation, derived from many years experience and utilising the knowledge and skills from all levels of the team. We work with each business partner to ensure consistent operational processes and easy to understand systems are accessible to all. We achieve this through intranet capability and links to the Learning & Development team, who deliver comprehensive training and up-skilling. We typically adopt a ‘war room’ approach to new implementations, involving not just the relevant senior department heads, but also drawing experience from across the 7,000+ strong team. We have a continual learning cycle, such that each and every new implementation continues to evolve, just like our operations, systems and processes. Throughout the implementation process we seek to match our business with our partner’s business so that a combined project management team exists, while all documentation and project plans are jointly developed and deployed.

Test & Learn Lab.

With our key business partners we have built a dedicated laboratory environment to really test and learn the customer experience and therefore deliver continuous improvement. This dedicated lab, with a central management and meeting facility, is complemented by extensive management information and interactive wipe board facilities. Every quarter we agree with our partners the parameters of a Customer Test & Learn project and ensure the team is set up for success. Regular governance sessions over the quarter culminate in a Go / No-Go session to close the lab project. At CCI South Africa, our customers are our business. And with the Test & Learn Laboratory we literally make the customer our sole focus.

Operational Excellence.

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- John F. Kennedy


Stability. Security. Scalability.
We’ve got you covered.

Customer engagement, customer experience, voice quality, call consistency these are all top priorities. So we’ve custom built our infrastructure knowing that while our people are on a call they have access to a range of information instantly on hand to assist them and the customer. This saves time, preventing the call from being transferred to another operator, and adds to the overall quality and reliability of each call. Our infrastructure is built in a resilient fashion designed to withstand multiple failures from a connectivity or systems point of view, without compromising a customers’ experience on a call. And from South Africa to the UK and Australia we have built a private network to guarantee performance and ensure security. Using multiple carriers and diverse routes for voice and data connections our design allows for multiple failures locally, nationally and internationally without impacting network availability and quality, which means we can guarantee the service. Standardising and virtualising our technology platforms have enabled us to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of our partners and the differing degrees of integration you have come to expect.

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Fast Facts:

  • Serve 7,000+ agents and 700 management positions with high availability telephony and technology desktop services.
  • Manage an infrastructure which provides in excess of 8 million connected minutes every month.
  • Operate out of two Data Centres and a Wide Area Network (WAN) spanning three continents, with monitoring 24 x 7 x 365.
  • Maintain our partner's commitment to protecting the security of its customer’s by aligning our auditing, policies, and procedures with industry standards. We are PCI DSS V3 compliant with client specific certification.
  • Through strategic partnerships improve the technology services that are outsourced with tight Service Level Agreements delivering in excess of 99.99% system availability.
  • Enterprise-ready and industry standard technology used.
  • Effective and complaint security platforms.
  • Fully protected local and international data links.
  • Robust replication technologies used for data backups.
  • Minimal Down time (we have a 99.99% availability using multiple routes and carriers).
  • Disaster Recovery covered and proven.


  • CISCO Hardware. Independently audited configuration to make sure we meet rigid security requirements and provides an optimal base for our network. Backed up with standby devices, Smart Net support and hot-swappable spares.

Wide Area Network

  • Private circuits from South Africa to the UK, USA and Australia. Fully managed with tight performance metrics.Tier-1 carriers used include, Liquid Telecom, Telkom, TATA, British Telecom, Virgin Media, Optus and Telstra.
  • Fully protected local and international data links offering up time in excess of 99.99%.


  • Use of divergent networks with optimal configuration for call quality.
  • Traditional TDM circuits for back up purposes in case of IP outages.
  • Noble CCS and Enterprise dialling platforms.
  • AVAYA CM and Survivable Gateways.

Application Services

  • Fully deployed Microsoft Authentication and Email systems.
  • Centrally managed Virtual Server Environment using VMware vCentre.
  • Agents use Thin-Clients with Virtual Desktop technologies for maximum flexibility to deliver a bespoke application set for customers.
  • All systems fully monitored with alarms and notifications.

Disaster Recovery

  • Two data centres interconnected with high availability data circuits.
  • Use of SAN technologies for full replication of structured and unstructured data delivering our business Recovery Point Objective.
  • Both sites have full UPS and Generator Back-up options for power failures.
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To deliver consistent, high quality customer engagement through multiple channels requires a technology environment which demands a robust voice and data communications infrastructure platform that ensures high levels of network performance, stability and scalability to meet our immediate objectives and support our future strategic growth. So we chose our technology partners very carefully.

Borwood has extensive global expertise in providing resilient, high availability communications, WAN connectivity and infrastructure. Borwood’s proven ability to design, deploy and manage a global carrier agnostic converged voice and data solution is unmatched. Borwood’s technology offering constantly delivers the quality and consistency of our customer engagement across all channels of our business.

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It’s the Liquid Telecom way to tailor a solution to suit their customer’s needs. And that’s exactly what they did for us. Like us, they are innovative, world class, and solutions-driven. Not only do they provide superior support, intelligence, and reliability but they are also the only telecommunications company that brings together voice, data and Internet over their own fixed infrastructure. Five under-sea cables coupled with an unparalleled network of optical fibre and wireless services puts us, their customer, in the fast lane. Fast, clear and reliable connectivity is what keeps us on top. But it’s more than cables, connectors, and switches. Neotel, like us, continually strives to innovate and focus on the customer’s needs, across a wide-range of industries.

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Keeping data safe and secure means peace of mind for your customers.

Keeping data secure is essential, and for this reason we never outsource our voice or data to a third party network. We’re fortunate to have built a private network that enables us to own and manage our connections and therefore we’re able to guarantee our service from one end to the other. And because our voice and data is carried by our own systems, we’re not reliant on anyone else’s security. This allows us to manage and guarantee the security of our systems to a much higher degree. Our systems have been specially designed and built with the highest levels of security in mind. This means that we’re able to withstand multiple system or connectivity failures, without risking your customers’ experience or integrity in any way.

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Fast Facts:

  • Complies to the most rigorous regulatory / legislative requirements in partners geography
  • We are PCI DSS V3 compliant with client specific certification
  • Rigorously enforced clean desk policy
  • Company wide socialisation of required security policies and procedures
  • Biometric scanning – all entrances and exits to premises
  • IT auditing, policies and procedures aligned to client’s security including outsourced, strategic partnernships with leading technology providers
  • Proud record of zero security breach


Being on the edge.
Not over it.

Our business continuity plan has been designed from a high-risk point of view, that is, we’re ready for anything. Our all-round connectivity is resilient and reliable. Rather than using one provider with redundant routes, we have two providers. Should one provider suffer a failure on their call network we just switch to the other. We’re able to offer our partners a 99.9% success rate contractually for the reliable availability of our state of the art systems. We’ve eliminated the reliance on individual equipment by pooling all our data resources virtually. Even in the case of an emergency, we would only suffer a 5% loss without our overall system being compromised. We also replicate our data every twenty-seconds between our two independently located servers. This eliminates risk and gives us a high potential for recovery.


Measure twice.
Cut…as many times as you have to!

We aim to create and maintain an efficient, creative, flexible resource planning and delivery capability, to produce outstanding service for our partners and their customers. And although this is an exact science – life isn’t. So, in conjunction with our partners at Noble Systems we don’t just deliver a work force management platform, we build on this to develop robust processes and governance tools that are flexible enough to meet your broader and unexpected business needs. Although we plan in order to leverage system capability, maximise efficiency gains and deliver world-class performance, we also plan for the unexpected. We work harder to achieve the right balance between efficiency and effectiveness, service and satisfaction, spending and saving.

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Fast Facts:

  • Forward planning linked account maintenance plan - annual, monthly, weekly, daily and 30 min interval planning.
  • Leverage industry standard tools and best practice.
  • Integrated model through Mission Control team on the floor – Real Time Management.
  • Create resource flexibility - innovative scheduling methods.

Workforce Planning & Optimisation.

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Delivering a world-class service is imperative and so we partnered with the Nice and Noble Systems to ensure that the technologies and solutions implemented can support a complex data and campaign management strategy. This technology offers inbound, outbound, and blended predictive dialling capabilities together with a fully integrated Workforce Optimisation solution. This enables us to deliver a customised service to each of our partners. Intuate Group’s technologies and services have ensured that we are able to offer a platform that supports and complies with regulatory standards including; OFCOM, PCI and more.

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