We collaborate. And we take ownership.
Business your way.

We may be the largest international outsourcer in South Africa – but we are still smaller than a lot of the big guys. And that’s the way we like it. We prefer to be nimble, versatile and proactive. We choose to be approachable, receptive and responsive. And we want to continue to be effective, appreciative and successful. Our business has grown - in partnership with brands from the USA, UK, Australia, Africa and Kenya - in the Telecommunications, Media, Retail, Energy/Utilities and Insurance businesses. Our skills have developed in inbound, outbound, web chat, email and social media. Our abilities have expanded from new acquisition sales to customer service, back office, win-back, and retentions. And our services have swollen to include recruitment and work readiness, work force optimisation, quality and compliance, customer insight and analysis consulting. We are now able to offer our clients exactly what they need – and if we can’t, we will source it. It’s one thing to be good at what you do, and another to know it – but it’s a whole other thing when your competitors want to be just like you.




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- Henry Ford

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Let’s make it happen.

We specialise in what we do so we intimately understand the specific needs of our partners. Our people are devoted and driven and we live and breathe the essence of the brands we represent. We’re naturally sales oriented, and are highly innovative and entrepreneurial. Your bottom line really does matter to us. Being partners we’re always just a call away, with our leadership on hand 24/7. Our current partnership portfolio ranges from SME to Blue Chip Corporates providing voice and digital services across multiple industries into both residential and business consumers. We offer a full suite of bespoke customer relationship management functions, covering the full lifecycle of your customer, from Outbound/Inbound New Customer Acquisition via Voice and Digital channels; to in-life Customer Service and Tech, Upsell and Retention. Besides the bottom line, our core focus is and always will be people. We grow and nurture talent through developing the inherent skills and potential of each valuable team member. We invest in facilities to motivate and reward, and when we succeed – it’s celebrated.


- Henry Ford

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We Create Value for our Partners.

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Like. Like. Like.

We’re not for everyone, no one is. That’s why we really think about whom we partner with because we know we want a thriving, prosperous relationship. We know that the only way we’ll make a genuine difference to a partner’s brand is to become entrenched in how that brand lives, breathes and ticks. For each new brand we pursue, we align ourselves with its strategic positioning within the market. When we arrive at work, we’re not working for a contact centre; we’re working for you. We live and breathe the brand promise in our daily interactions, strategies and promotion. We are the brand ambassadors; knowledgeable, proactive, passionate, loyal. We’re thorough in our approach to do all we can to relate to our partner’s brands. We study the context in which they operate, keep up to date with the news and current affairs, talk and listen to our partners. With us you’re not getting an outsourcer, you’re getting a partner - a relationship you can trust and rely on.


A specialist on call.
For when it suits you.

Over the last decade, Customer Retention and Up-sell/Cross-sell strategies have emerged as some of the most powerful and efficient strategies used by corporate decision makers. As such, Customer Lifecycle Management has become the new horizon upon which companies now prosper or fail. Good thing we’re a specialist in this area. Via a network of industry-specific specialists based in Mauritius, South Africa, USA, the UK and Australia, we actively assist organisations to develop, implement and manage their customer sales and retention strategies and then provide the expertise, technology and resources to execute those strategies. We provide Customer Relationship Management services to some of the leading brands in the mobile technology, utilities, telecommunications, leisure, retail and financial services sectors - servicing customers across the USA, UK and Australia.

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Fast Facts:

We’re committed to maintaining our reputation as the leader in Customer Lifecycle Management by:

  • Partnering only with companies that share the same values, and have a similar culture;
  • Committing to our partners’ future by continually investing in the quality of our consulting, operations and management teams;
  • Providing continuous input into our partners’ customer strategy and business objectives by introducing new opportunities to optimise business performance; and
  • Constantly seeking new technologies that ensure we continue to deliver best practice operational procedures.

Customer Lifecycle Management.

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The Future is Digital.
The Challenge is Now.

Connecting to the right people, at the right time, in the right way is what our business is all about. And reaching out and connecting with your customers is more important now than ever before. Using what we call the 3 Digital Pillars: chat, social and online community, we’re able to assist your customers, quite often before they even realise they need help. Our aim is simple - offer timely personalised assistance. The hard part is to simultaneously improve customer satisfaction scores, sales conversion rates and first time resolution rates. All the while reducing cost per contact and customer service outlay by as much as 50%. But don’t worry – we are trained professionals.

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Offering both proactive and reactive intervention in the sales and service world requires considerable insight so we have aligned ourselves with a number of the world’s leading technical/software providers to support our online community, desktop chat and social media engagement programmes. Communication in these areas (messaging) can be offered by many companies, but the ability to have reliable insightful analytics that help drive efficiencies at the same time as improving outcomes is what truly sets us apart from our competitors. We are able to not only service customers in their own channel of choice immediately and drive higher satisfaction and first time resolution rates but also boost conversion rates. We typically see a six fold increase in sales rates of customers engaged via digital interaction paired with a satisfaction increase that is higher than any other traditional channel.

Digital Engagement.

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As customers are equipped with the latest smart phones, many now have access to far more advanced technology than most contact centres – to combat this challenge we have set up the Digital Academy where we continually look to provide new and improved engagement strategies to our clients’ customers. We have created an area designated to continually looking to learn and improve on how we engage with customers in the digital market. Whether that is via messaging, chatting or social engagement. An explosion of personal digital customer devices has fundamentally changed the dynamic of customer engagement – with up to 40% of contacts already coming from smart devices. Our newly created Digital Academy ensures we have well trained digital enthusiasts to prosper in their chosen area – whether it’s in support, delivery, or design.

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Recruit. Train. Develop.

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Missing Nothing.
That’s where we’re different.

Too often contact centres have a small in-house quality assurance department, that normally only assesses a limited (not statistically valid) sample of work. That’s where we’re different. We believe so much in the accuracy of our delivery, that we have partnered with the best in the business. Call Insight is an expert in the QA field and conducts meticulous reviews on thousands of voice and non-voice interactions every week. They help us to remain within rigorous regulatory boundaries, recognise and reward our best agents, target the correct training and coaching, improve overall agent performance and therefore improve the quality of customer interactions. In order to provide the best possible service for our partners, Call Insight (through a partnering arrangement) is granted unrestricted access to any and all areas of our operational contacts. Such oversight of our processes testifies to our unparalleled pursuit of excellence.

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Call Insight was originally developed in 2012 to support businesses that reach their customers via contact centres. However, they have evolved since then. Today their core focus is on quality, compliance and customer insight. With their help your business will be better regulated, more efficient, more effective and successful.

Fast Facts:

They can assist you to:

  • Improve the quality of customer interactions
  • Improve sales conversion
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Target training and coaching effectively
  • Reward the best performing agents
  • Manage poor performing agents


Keeping you in the loop.
Every day.

When it comes to reporting we like to be fully armed with the right information so that we can present our partners with meaningful insight. And to keep you as up to date as we are in all aspects of reporting on your business, we offer our partners a full reporting suite, giving the advantage of reporting in real-time as well as retrospectively. We serve as an incubator for innovation and process optimisation for your business. We go beyond typical operational and compliance reporting to gain deep insight into your business. And we do this through Test & Learn Labs and Innovation Stations that analyse and evaluate the insight and data derived from various sources. But the real trick is what you do with that information. And we all know that the real secret of a good magic trick is in the delivery and performance.

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Our reporting suite meets all the industry report standards; connect rates, sales rates, man-hours spend, the amount of data used, dialler statistics, call volumes, answer rates, average handling times, staffing level and more. And of course, we can also provide metrics that relate to customer experience, customer satisfaction and customer effort. We also provide tailor-made management information that adds partner specific metrics in order to supplement industry standard metrics. Our partners can then use this to facilitate proactive responses that relate to product and service delivery. The reporting suite is used to both monitor our services as well as empower the customer life cycle within our partner base. If you have a specific reporting query relating to your business, we’ll know the right solution to suit your needs. At CCI South Africa we believe in empowering everyone - our people, our management team and our partners.

Fast Facts:

Just some of our reports are:

Real-time - Outbound

These reports cover productivity monitoring.

  • Connect rates
  • Sales Rates
  • Man hours
  • Data usage
  • Dialler statistics

Real-time - Inbound

  • Call volumes - actual versus forecast
  • Answer rates
  • Service Level Agreement tracking
  • Average handling times
  • Actual staffing versus planned staffing levels
  • Productivity/Occupancy
  • Sales Conversion
  • Customer experience e.g. First call resolution, Customer satisfaction, Customer effort

KPI Monitoring - Outbound

  • Unique KPI’s per project are supported by
    • ○ Sales per hour
    • ○ Data usage
    • ○ Compliance (data usage, dial rates, business rule adherence)

KPI Monitoring - Inbound

  • Conformance
  • Adherence
  • Quality & Compliance
  • Schedule quality index / Adjusted schedule index

KPI Monitoring - Management Information

  • Daily feedback
  • Dashboard overview of partner’s objectives/productivity

Commercial - Project

  • Monthly view of Management Information at the project/sub-project level

Commercial - Management Information

  • Client level overview of delivery against targets
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We’re here to help.
And we love to do so.

Regardless of the business you’re in, we’re determined to meet your needs and goals. When we receive calls, everything we think or say whilst on the phone to your customer is with your brand in mind. Our inbound business handles millions of enquiries, from inbound sales and retention calls to web chat and email interactions. The one constant is our readiness and commitment to provide each customer with an empathetic, personal experience. With a state-of-the-art network and advanced data-management system at our fingertips, it’s easy to meet the requirements of every customer, on every call, every day.


Your business is our business.

Finding a company that is prepared to do outbound calls is hard enough. Finding a company that is good at it is even harder. But to find a company that prides themselves on their outbound capabilities – well, what can we say. We aim to please customers right from the time they pick-up their phone. Their satisfaction may be due to getting a really great deal or simply because we’ve made their day a little bit better. But either way, we understand the need to look after them. Let’s face it, the number of people that are still prepared to accept a call is quickly diminishing so we have to treat them with the respect they deserve.

CCI South Africa