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Durban means business.

Famous for being the busiest port in South Africa, Durban has everything you’d expect from a first-world country, except the costs! Our city is full of friendly, energetic people from many different backgrounds creating its own unique, vibrant multi-culture.

CCI Global Durban Call Centre

CCI South Africa’s Durban call centre is located in the most prestigious and economically booming area of Durban. We happily occupy our purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility in Umhlanga, overlooking the beautiful and tranquil Chris Saunders Park and the largest shopping centre complex in the Southern Hemisphere. We love our location, but it’s no accident how we got here.

Durban was carefully chosen for its skilled workforce - the largest in South Africa. And our Government understands how to work with companies like us to best utilise the available incentives, accreditation schemes and training programmes that allow us to maintain a competitive cost advantage over the other provinces – up to 10-20% lower. So, when we say, Durban means business – we mean it.

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Johannesburg. Big on business.

Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and one of the 50 largest urban areas in the world. The city is nicknamed eGoli or Jozi, which means "place of gold", for its large gold deposit. Located in the mineral-rich Witwatersrand range of hills, it is the centre of a large-scale gold and diamond trade.

The metropolis is an alpha global city as listed by the Globalisation and World Cities Research Network. There are many things that are unique to Johannesburg. It features a distinct street entrepreneurship and offers visitors an experience as unique and diverse as the city itself.

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" is most appropriate for organisations to establish customer service and sales delivery from South Africa where they are seeking an onshore level of customer experience, either at a significantly lower cost point than available onshore or to complement existing onshore capability."

Nelson Hall. Analysis of South Africa as a BPO Delivery Location, 2011.

" analysts of the Asia Pacific BPO market for the last 15 years it is our informed opinion that South Africa is now one of the most suitable destinations for English speaking voice or customer service-related work in this region."

Fifth Quadrant. South Africa BPO Industry Assessment 2012.


- Thomas Jefferson


A world of possibilities.

Sunny days, friendly people and a culturally diverse society – welcome to South Africa. We’re strategically located at the tip of the African continent, a key investment location, both for the market opportunities that lie within our borders and for the opportunity that exists to use South Africa as a gateway to the rest of the continent. Our beautiful country has enormous potential as an investment destination, offering highly developed, first world economic infrastructure, and a vibrant emerging market economy.

For South Africa’s highly motivated people, determination and hard work are a way of life. With our youth hungry for knowledge, skills and opportunity South Africa has a wealth of talent striving for a bright future. Our country is one of the most sophisticated, diverse and promising emerging markets globally. It is also one of the most advanced, broad-based industrial and productive economies in Africa.

South Africa has a world-class telecommunications network and technology Infrastructure. With the contact centre market growing steadily in South Africa, it’s no wonder international organisations are setting-up businesses here or using South Africa as a preferred outsource country. We really do have it all; the right people, top-end technology and the cost benefits. So, it is no surprise it’s growing bigger and faster economically and leading the way

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The South African Government through The Department of Trade & Industry and educational institutions such as Sector Education & Training Authority (SETA) are very supportive of job creation and skills development through training of the workforce. Together with our partners, we contribute and benefit from these initiatives given our position as a leading creator of jobs in the region.

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Investor of the Year Award 2015.

The South African Premier Business Awards is an annual event hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in partnership with Proudly South African and Brand South Africa.The awards recognise business excellence and honours enterprises that promote the spirit of success and innovation as well as job creation, good business ethics and quality. These awards bring together all single sectored awards, among others technology, manufacturing and women in business. CCI South Africa was delighted to win the Investor of the Year Award 2015 which was proudly presented to Daniel Halfpenny, Finance Director, by Cyril Ramaphosa, Deputy President of South Africa and The Honourable Dr Rob Davies MP. This award aims to encourage the expansion of investment into the South African economy. It recognises efforts and commitments by local and global companies to create jobs and stimulate the economy through investment across all industry.

We won this award because of our:

  • valuable contribution towards job creation
  • increase in local investment over a period of one year
  • creation of jobs as a result of the investment in South Africa
  • ability to demonstrate how the investment benefited the community
  • use of local manufacturers
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BPESA operates both as a specialist investment promotion agency for business process outsourcing (including contact centres) and as a national trade association and networking body for the industry. We are proud to be a member of this important industry body.

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